Marriage and Sex

Achieving the Perfect Conjugal Life – Marriage and Sex

Marriage and Sex – The conjugal life is one of the Problem instances of life. It has been entwined around sexuality, love and trust. More often than not, this life would resort to one of the three following problems – money, work or family. In this life, men are the Problem instance and women the Solution instance.

While society seems to be progressing in the area of gender equality, problems relating to women and sex are still notable. As a man, it behooves a man to find a solution to these problems. 비아그라 처방전 없이 살 수 있나요

Just as a woman can develop herself and assist a man on this journey, a man can also develop himself and give himself to his wife.

Achieving marital happiness is critical and a man should give a little back to his wife. A married man and woman can co-add each other and give to the other. Sex is a part of the conjugal life.

The problem arises when the man requires sex outside the context of marriage and the wife cannot accommodate it.

It is not the man’s fault that he wants sex outside the context of marriage. The problem is that he has been bombarded with sex in his entire life. All he knows is that he wants sex at any cost and has been taught that this cost is worth every bit of money at the price of a relationship.

Many men have convincingsecondaryAttachment Relationships. These are defined as where two people, particularly married people, get together other than their primary definitions of love and marriage. Often, they will get along, like-mindedly despite not being in love or locked for life.

There can be mutual exchange of affection, godliness, godliness bond, deification, or simply serving each other.But the heart is surely not in it.

The question that comes to mind is – how can you achieve such a thing when you and the lady are not properly attached?

And, as much as it is taught that sex is about sex, and that sex is one of the Act’s original purposes, yet we see today’s society continues to reward such behavior. Pornography is an example.

So, now the lady is ready to be sexual, is depressed or unhappy.  Her friends are appalled at her. Her boss is disgusted at her. All because sex is not valued according to the timeless laws of nature, the moral sense of man or God.

You wonder if God is going to OK with this. You wonder if God is going to judge.

Such thinking that human sexuality is wrong isifling and goes against the very nature of God.  God made us in His image.  When we value something or someone based on their ‘sexual behavior’ we are honoring God.

Neither can we be happy while minimizing our sensitivity to the value of loving emotions, for example.  The price of oil and energy is too high.  We depletion too much energy from our relationships and from our churches.

Wouldn’t it be great if we simply knew how to get along without depleting too much energy?

The best approach is not to teach or dictate social behavior, but to allow nature to work. Man (in the order of creation) is not social until after he creates.  Don’t try to change social conditions after they are natural!

The first task of the physical system is to determine what species or sub species of organism is in question. That is, what may be living in this body?

Next the task is to determine if the thing in question can live in this species. If so, the thing needs to be able to reproduce (sperms).

Nature knows no color, no language, no race, no form of life, no manner of motion, no play, no creativity, no religion – or rather no religion.  The only religion is the religion of love.

And that requires a strongly active god who loves us enough to send His special love soothes our activity and summer our spirit at its peak. That is God.

It is the love story of the universe.

The purpose of sex is so that man and woman can create life.  Nothing in the creation of the Children of God was done for the purpose of enjoying Orgasm. Quite the contrary!  The kids were put to death because of an act of rebellion when Eve bit off the thumb of Adam!  God punished Adam and Eve for what they did.

Do not think for a minute that God cannot come to see you again! God can see you, He loves you and will never leave your side!

The lesson is not that you must never do something never thought before.  The lesson is that behind every action there is an equal and opposite measure of consideration.

Give all new meaning to the word study.

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