Increase Your vertical Jump

How to Increase Your vertical Jump Without the Gym

Increase Your vertical Jump

I get a lot of questions about how to increase your vertical jump. Mostly those questions come from athletes who are trying to improve their vertical jump for a specific sport, such as basketball or volleyball. If you’re an athlete who wants to jump higher for the specific sport you play, there are two tops ways to do it without the gym.

The first, and easiest way to jump higher, without the gym, is with improved nutrition and overall lifestyle. By making sure you have a lean, strong body, you will be able to perform the right techniques and get the results you’re after. Jumping higher without the gym means incorporating heavier weights, and reducing the amount of “jumping” (especially in your legs) in your workout. Make sure you have adequate support for your ankles and knees, and bring all the weight you need safely and efficiently.

The second, and best, way to increase your vertical jump without the gym, is to improve your plyometrics and agility training. This means properly testing yourself on movement drills, such as jumping rope, tuck jumps, and Hop stops, etc. Doing these exercises alone is no guarantee, but they will definitely help. They will also help you improve your quickness and speed so you can increase your vertical jump without the gym.

If you want to jump higher without the gym, then it’s important to do both of these key areas individually. While you won’t be needing the extra leaps, you will need to take you training outside the gym whenever possible. While it’s impossible to provide a vertical jump training program that will be better than a “been there, done that” workout, a well thought out vertical jump program will help.

Helpful Exercises

There are three key exercises that can help you improve your form, and thus the ability to jump higher without any problems.

First is hops, which are the first movement in each leg of each set. You should feel it in your quads, knees and ankles, not your calves. Your hops should land in a V-shape, with your feet planted on the ground and your legs straight out. Your Hop scoops are not going to be heavy, in fact, they’re not going to touch the ground. Always feel it in the front part of your foot that’s touching down.

The second thing you should do is Summer vision, which is the same as the first one, except you’ll be working on jumping higher while focusing on vision instead of lighting. Basically, you’re going to have a spotter, and you’re going to be focused on exactly what you see during each rep. If you’re struggling to see out of the corners of your eyes, don’t give up…it may be your movement to the side.

The last one isplexing drillswhich are incredibly important. Your primary move will be lifting a barbell overhead, and then quickly moving it back down after a few seconds. You’ll keep mostly straight from tip to tip with your movements throughout the entire routine, and it will help your form immensely. Think of it as add on training for your vertical jump.

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