Dispute in Jerusalem

Dispute in Jerusalem

Dispute in Jerusalem – From a letter sent out to Jewish-American pals while I was living in Israel:
Oct. 20, 1991:
… I intentionally went to [Jerusalem] to take part in the rally against Baker throughout from the American Consulate (in Self-reliance Park). We were 2,000 strong according to the Jerusalem Blog post.

There were many placards – in Hebrew & English. I held one that reviewed shrub DESTROYING ISRAEL TRANQUILITY BY PEACE. An additional one read offer TEXAS BACK TO MEXICO. And also a funny drawing of an Indian principal resting with Shamir saying “Let me speak to you regarding land for tranquility.”

The Arabs haven’t shown any sign of concessions or alter in heart or attitude. At the very least Gorbachev let Eastern Europe go, Germany reunite, reduce his defenses, etc. Concrete activities, not simply puny assurances or hollow offers for tranquility. Israel’s simply coming back right into a corner where they’ll be made to appear like the crooks & the Arabs enthusiasts of tranquility.

So I achieved my goal of remaining in the presentation against Israel’s dismemberment. My various other goal was to visit as well as congratulate those Jewish “settlers” that just recently made a bold move right into Silwan (Shiloach) – truth City of David, presently inhabited by inhuman Palestinians.

I utilized to tell individuals I wanted to live there to recover our Jewish-Christian presence and also they ‘d understandably laugh – since it’s practically suicidal and also the area is basically an awful dump. Though I have the vision of it one day being cleaned up & eco-friendly & attractive with good Jewish residences again.

Anyhow, I located Silwan closed off by a hefty presence of police, soldiers & border patrol. They wouldn’t let me in. After that – by the grace of God or odd coincidence – as I was strolling back up that steep street to the Dung Gate, I met one of the men that reside in that now Jewish residence & a Yeshiva student. They welcomed me ahead with them when their flight turned up! Chief Inspector Terner was to go to the website so we can just stay a short time since they said he ‘d be angry & make me and the Yeshiva pupil go.

They’ve placed barbed cord all over their “lawn,” newly tarred their roofing, have an Israeli flag flying & are still removing all the scrap the Arabs threw in there for the past 7 years. It was exciting to drive with that Palestinian village as they searched. Previously, being hot as usual, I started to roll down my window when they advised me it’s far better to be warm than get a stone in the face!

Rather than being angry at those Jews for residing in homes they have actually lawfully gotten – we need to be angry & consider it provocative that those Arabs are so racist & inhuman & want their area Judenrein!

I intend on visiting them again when I can stay longer – perhaps even deal with them as the student suggested … Dispute in Jerusalem
Now I’ll change back to Sukkot & the Holy place Mount Faithful’s presentation. I’ve marched with them two times to share solidarity & show support for the suggestion that Jews ought to be able – in a “Jewish” state – to hope on the Temple (not mosque) Mount. My difficult inquiry is how can we free Israel of those Arabs who waive their right to live here (by their intifada actions or stabbings or murder) without disliking all Arabs, abiding them entirely in a prejudiced means, neglecting there have to go to least a couple of excellent Arabs who might live right here – under Jewish rule – in peace.

I do think most Palestinians hate Israel and would certainly eliminate every Jew. But where do we fix a limit in our activities? Can we remain to not “sink to their degree,” yet instead get sunk 6 ft. listed below them (as Rabbi Kahana stated)? A lot of them are our avowed adversaries & we would not be important to show “the mercy of fools,” however … I hoped concerning it to reconcile whatever with correct understanding. A lot of points are such a great line … Dispute in Jerusalem

I also was an arms-length away from Boris Pankin when he came down the stairways from the Jewish Quarter to check out the Wall & later on the Holy place Mount. That was a happy shock …

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